PLEASE check ALL these questions first and if you still can’t see your answer please contact support using the contact form.

Q. Can I email you personal questions and get your feedback on my ideas?

A. We have priced this course very low and as such we can’t offer one on one email support…I hope you understand. We could have priced the course a lot higher and offered email support but that would have been prohibitive for many people.

Q. How do I access the training?

A. You can login to the Members Area Here using the user name and password you chose when registering after you invested in the product. You should also have received a reminder of those details via email.

Q. I can’t remember my login details

A. Please request your details using this Lost Password link

Q. I STILL can’t login

A. Please make sure you have followed the steps above. If you still can’t login please contact us with your FULL details (Name, Last Name and email) using the support form.

Q. I can’t see the videos?

A. You will need one of the FREE video players on your computer (PC or Mac) If you can’t see the videos then please install either the Free Adobe Flash Player (PC) or the Free Quick Time Player (MAC)


Q. I’ve downloaded a PDF but it won’t open or it says it is corrupt?

A. Your download was interrupted. Simple delete the current one and re download it. PLEASE ensure the download is complete BEFORE you try and access it.

Q. A video stops playing before the end

A. This will be an internet connection issue. You can pause the video, wait a short while and then restart it. If that fails to work then refresh the page. All videos have been tested on various computers and different internet connections.